Customer Alert: Recent Increase In Phishing Scams and Fraudulent E-mails

In recent months, Windstream has noticed an increase in the number of "phishing" e-mails. These are e-mails that attempt to obtain your personal or account information by falsely posing as a reputable company, such as Windstream, and ask you to reply by verifying your account information.

As a general policy, Windstream WILL NEVER ask our customers to provide any confidential information through e-mail notification. If you receive a request via e-mail, asking you to "update," "validate," or "confirm" your account information, DO NOT REPLY TO THE E-MAIL OR LINK TO ANY WEB SITES PROVIDED. These e-mails ARE NOT from Windstream, but are in fact fraudulent attempts to obtain your personal account information.

If you have a question regarding the legitimacy of an e-mail message from Windstream, always contact Windstream first, either by phone or in person, to verify the message.

>> What is a Phishing Scam?

>> What can I do to protect myself from Phishing Scams?

>> What do I do if I released my information to a Phishing Scam?

>> How do I report a Phishing Scam to Windstream?

We hope the information provided will assist you from being a victim of Phishing scams on the Internet. Reporting these types of fraudulent emails not only protects you, but the integrity of the Windstream network, our customers and the rest of the Internet.

Thank you,

Windstream Internet Security

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